nourishing Families at Home with beef

While many families are now at home with their kids and spending more time in the kitchen, we want to help! Are you racking your brain for simple dinner recipes, kid-friendly activities, or looking for ways to boost your immune system with a nutritious and delicious meal? Either way, beef has you covered! Beef taste and nutrition, simply can’t be replicated. Browse below for some great resources and some delicious mealtime solutions.

At Home Youth Resources

beef coloring contest

Find beef coloring pages and activity sheets - there is something for all age groups! We will be hosting a virtual coloring contest for kids across the Commonwealth.

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Hands-On Beef Jerky Activity

Beef Jerky Trail Mix

Are you looking for a balanced snack the whole family will love? It will also count as a fun, afternoon activity to do at home with the kids. It is simple, all you will need is beef jerky and then lay out a few pantry staples, like dried fruit, seeds and nuts and within minutes everyone can create their own protein filled snack! Find recipe inspiration, here. Happy Mixing!

Pennsylvania virtual farm field trips

Take a virtual field trip to a Pennsylvania Beef Farm from the comfort of your own home! This one-of-a-kind learning experience, developed for middle and high school students, will turn your living room into virtual beef farms - you will be transported to fields, visit barns and view animals, guided by a Pennsylvania beef farmer and/or industry experts. 

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educational beef book bundles

"The Chaney Twins" Ag Educational Children's Books are written by twin sisters Rianna and Sheridan Chaney, and edited by their mother Rebecca Long Chaney. These books highlight the twins' personal experience in the beef and dairy industries. 

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Produced with pride in pennsylvania beef book

This project was a joint Collaboration between the PA Beef Council & the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau's PA Friends of Ag Foundation 

Enjoy a first of its kind commodity book in PA! Following a successful collaborative effort through book development that models other states, the group produced and published a nonfiction children's book focusing on beef agriculture in Pennsylvania. While there are some books available that accurately relay the uniqueness of the beef industry, there are presently no books that specifically highlight beef production in Pennsylvania. The beef lifecylce is complex and it's important that the young generation understands where their food comes from. This book project provided the means for PA beef producers to tell their story to students across Pennsylvania.

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Reach out to Nichole Hockenberry for interest in bringing this book to your home classroom! 

Math Coloring Sheets

Enjoy  math coloring pages and worksheets as a fun way to help your children learn. Math may be complicated for some children. Adding a fun activity can help your kids use more of their brain and learn more effectively. Color by Number is a super fun way to get your children to beef-up their math skills.

Downloadable the Series Listed Below: 

Meet the Calf

Any questions, reach out to Nichole Hockenberry for further assistance.

Fact or Opinion youth worksheets

Explore more about the beef industry through opinion writing and a Fact vs. Opinion worksheet. The worksheets are designed for Grades 1-5 and help to develop writing skills while learning the important role of a beef farmer. 

Role of a Beef Farmer

Any questions, reach out to Nichole Hockenberry for further assistance.

Animal Nutrition youth worksheets

Explore animal nutrition in beef cattle, by focusing on the language arts skill of sentence structure in the following youth worksheets. The worksheets are designed for both primary (K-2) and upper elementary (Grades 3-5.) 

Role of a Beef Farmer

Any questions, reach out to Nichole Hockenberry for further assistance.

Where's the Beef:  Cattle By-Products youth worksheets

Where's the beef?  You might be surprised how many different ways beef is a part of your daily life.  Complete our "Where's the Beef" activity pages to discover the many items you use every day that are possible because of beef-byproducts! The worksheets are designed for both primary (K-2) and upper elementary (Grades 3-5.) 

Where's the Beef:  Cattle By-Products sheets

Any questions, reach out to Nichole Hockenberry for further assistance.

Veal Lifecycle :  Timeline youth worksheets

Explore more about veal! And, what makes veal a unique part of both the dairy and beef industry. Youth can learn the journey of veal calves, what they eat and how farmers take special care of them. The worksheets are designed for both primary (K-2) and upper elementary (Grades 3-5.) 

Where's the Beef:  Cattle By-Products sheets

Any questions, reach out to Nichole Hockenberry for further assistance.

additional coloring sheets

Keep your kids busy with these educational beef coloring sheets. 

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Beef and Nutrition

Learn more about beef and nutrition!

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Answer Key

engaging activity placemat for kids

Set your table with this fun activity placemat!

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answer key

sustainability worksheet

Learn more about beef's role in sustainability. 

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answer key


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If you have any questions surrounding these resources, please reach out to Nichole Hockenberry, PA Beef Council.

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batch cooking 101

How to batch cook shredded beef 

This quick guide walks you through how to cook a roast in the slow cooker for delicious shredded beef you can use all week long.

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How to batch cook steak

By following these simple steps, you can be set with steak for days.

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beef pot roast four ways

after work pot roast

After-work, there's no better way to celebrate the ordinary with the everyday extraordinary.

After a long day at work, treat yourself to an easy—and nutritious—feast. Beef is a prime source of zinc, so this Pot Roast will help keep your immune system going strong.

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cuban crispy beef 

A few simple ingredients can take leftover Pot Roast to the next level. Traditionally known as Vaca Frita, sautéed beef with bell pepper, onion and lime juice, commonly served with rice and black beans. Delicious!

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roast & Sweet potato hash

The perfect way to give leftover steak or roast new life, this hash is made with sweet potatoes and taco seasoning.

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bbq shredded beef

Add barbecue sauce and garlic for a tangy spin on shredded beef Shoulder Roast. Serve on Kaiser rolls for sandwiches that everyone will love for lunch or dinner.

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prep ahead ground beef 

beef & veggie fried rice

Give leftover rice new life with seasoned Ground Beef and sautéed peas and peppers. 

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beef & asparagus pasta toss

Classic steakhouse flavors in an easy pasta bowl! Ground Beef and asparagus are tossed with pasta and parmesan cheese for a quick dinner.

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beef nachos

Top crunchy tortilla chips with Mexican-style beef sausage and your other favorites.

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cheeseburger mac

Ground Beef served with macaroni noodles and a cheesy sauce. A favorite for kids and adults alike.

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