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pA beef to pa schools program

More beef. more often. on the school lunch tray

The PA Beef to PA Schools program works to connect schools and their food service professionals to cattle producers in order to 'Beef-up' their school lunches. By doing so, schools are providing beef more often and sourcing beef from local producers. The effort helps to fight food insecurity as well as supporting local farms and the opportunity to connect the local community with the PA Beef Industry. 

The program in its inaugural year will have placed over 6,500 pounds of beef to four different school districts across the Commonwealth.

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"We are passionate about fueling young students with beef and connecting the dots between Pennsylvania farm families and beef meals on the lunch tray," Nichole Hockenberry, PA Beef Council, Executive Director, "our desire is to provide quality nutrition and grow the next generation of beef consumers."

beef recipe Inspiration for the lunch tray

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spy thai beef meal

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