Pennsylvania Beef community

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? How it got from the farm to your fork? We have answers for you! Pennsylvania’s 53,000 farm families are stewards of more than 7.7 million acres of farmland. In Pennsylvania people outnumber cattle 12.6:1. We are home to nearly 23,000 cattle farms, including nearly 8,800 beef cattle farms. 

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a Snapshot of PA Beef Production

meet some Pa's Finest Beef Producers:

meet the dunn family

Dunn Herefords, operated by Bill, Bobbi, Walker and Reagan Dunn, is a cow-calf operation with both purebred Herefords and commercial black-baldy cattle located in Crawford County.

meet the nissley brothers

Darwin and Bernard Nissley operate a cattle feeding operation, Nissley Brothers Farm where they feed and finish approximately 1,250 head of cattle per year. 

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meet the hoffman family

Three generations of Hoffman Farms family members operate the 800 cow dairy in Shinglehouse, Potter County. 

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lifetime of commitment & passion:

is beef good for you?

Meet Bobbi Dunn, a mom and beef producer from Western Pennsylvania who chooses beef to feed her family. Happy Nutrition Month!

how are cattle treated on the farm?

Meet Bill Dunn, a beef producer who shares why it is important to provide quality care to the cattle on his farm and how he takes pride in feeding families just like yours!

What is it like to be a beef farmer?

Get the inside scoop from Bobbi Dunn, a mom and beef producer about a day in the liefe of a beef farmer. Happy Beef Month!