Producer Communications and Education

The Pennsylvania Beef Council, PBC, helps to share the beef checkoff story, ROI, and educate producers. In the state of Pennsylvania, the Beef Quality Assurance, BQA, Calf Care Quality Assurance, CCQA, and Beef Quality Assurance transportation, BQAT, programs remain free to all producers. From live classroom sessions to online courses, all of these programs are offered to any producer, big or small. PBC also helps produce materials for producers to utilize on social media or in other outlets to educate consumers. In addition, they work hard to keep producer up to date on industry events and changes. PBC is dedicated to helping producers produce quality, wholesome and safe beef. 

Beef Quality Assurance Visits Delaware Valley University

Recently, Pennsylvania Beef Council traveled to Delaware Valley University to complete the collegiate BQA training. Students spent one lecture learning about BQA, its importance, and key principles. They also completed the BQA exam to test their knowledge of the BQA program standards. The final classroom task was a hands-on, chute side training with BQA Director, Hannah Walters and Dr. Brown, Professor. PA BQA was able to reach 15 students in the program.

Northeast Beef Producers Inspired by South Dakota Rancher During Recent Workshop

The Beef Checkoff's Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) and Pennsylvania Beef Council, PBC had the pleasure of bringing together nearly 50 beef producers, representing five states, from across the Northeast region for their 2023 Northeast Beef Producer Workshop, hosted April 14, 2023, in Hershey, PA. Producers heard from Amanda Radke, South Dakota Beef Rancher, and Industry Advocate. Radke shared, "I was so energized and inspired working with the producers at the NEBPI workshop. Listening to how they are successfully adding value to their operations through direct-to-consumer beef sales was an incredible reminder about the power of sharing your story, connecting with consumers, and earning a premium for your hard work while making priceless connections with the people we aim to serve. These beef farmers are setting the standard for innovative beef promotion and sales, and we spent the day dialing in our messaging and exploring new and innovative ways to reach customers. I would encourage others to consider what opportunities may exist to capture added value when selling beef directly to consumers in their communities. What a great workshop!”

CCQA Completed for Dairy Producers Across the State

This past Spring, Pennsylvania Beef Council has traveled to the state of PA to be apart of the Animal Care Workshops working alongside Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania, Center for Dairy Excellence and others to host workshops. Participants learned about various topics pertaining to the industry. Hannah Walters, Director of Producer Education and Engagement, led a certification in Calf Care Quality Assurance (CCQA). CCQA is a program that takes an in-depth look into Calf Health, Management, Stockmanship and Emergency Planning & Crisis Management as it pertains to calf facilities and operations. Following the presentations and successful completion of the CCQA exam, participants will be certified in the program.