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Emma Foster | July 19, 2023

Bedford – Traditionally each July, the Pennsylvania Beef Council (PBC) and its Board of Directors, take their summer meeting on the road to explore and further deepen their knowledge of the beef, dairy and veal communities. This year PBC decided to take a slightly different angle to showcase their partnership with Bucknell University which highlights beef in a big way.   

The board and staff gathered on July 19 at the Sojka Pavilion at Bucknell University. This is our first year partnering with Bucknell Athletics. This partnership would not be possible without the gracious funding from state partner, Iowa Beef Industry Council. Bucknell is a private institution located in Lewisburg, PA with approximately 4000 students enrolled and account for 70,000 fans within Northeast, PA. In our inaugural year of the partnership with Bucknell, we have been able to target a unique demographic area throughout the Northeast area of PA, reaching the fans and athletes in multiple sports including women’s basketball, soccer, and softball as well as men's basketball, and football.

“It was great to see what PBC has been working on this year at Bucknell. Not only have they garnered relationships with coaches and staff, they also are forward thinking on ways to build upon our agreement with Bucknell for next year,” said Duff George, PBC Vice-Chairman. 

The PBC board is comprised of 27 directors representing beef, dairy and veal, as well as industry stakeholders from the livestock marketing, retail, and foodservice sectors. The board also includes ex-officio members from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania State University Department of Animal Science, and the Delaware Valley University Department of Animal Science. The PBC is governed by the producer board which provides oversight, guidance and feedback on both programming and financials of the PA Checkoff Dollars. As always, it’s great to have producers see their investment at work!    

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The Pennsylvania Beef Council is a producer-controlled and funded organization, which administers the Beef Checkoff Program in Pennsylvania. The Beef Checkoff Program assesses $1 per head on the sale of live domestic and imported cattle, in addition to a comparable assessment on imported beef and beef products. Checkoff revenues may be used for promotion, education and research programs to improve the marketing climate for beef.