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The Pennsylvania Beef Council (PBC) endorses and manages the Beef & Veal in the Classroom Program. We are entrusting you, as a Family and Consumer Science Educator, with a Beef & Veal in the Classroom Toolkit, to utilize in a comprehensive beef/veal lesson for your students.


  • Each school will receive one toolkit for use in their classroom
  • Complete and submit this affidavit in its entirety. Upon receipt of this affidavit, you will receive your toolkit via USPS.
  • Specify the date(s) that you plan to teach your beef/veal lesson.
  • Provide a few digital photos of the classroom lesson while teaching the lesson and/or cooking and send to the PBC Director of Consumer Affairs (Kaitlyn Carey) after the lesson.
  • Have your students complete the Pre- and Post-Surveys that will be included within the toolkit.
  • Update and renew the affidavit at the beginning of each school year in order to keep the toolkit within your classroom.
  • If your school does not receive a beef/veal grant we would ask that the toolkit is returned to the PBC.
  • If at any time your school district eliminates the Family & Consumer Science Program, you will be required to send the toolkit back to the PBC.