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PA Team Beef

Whether you’re an avid endurance athlete or a fitness enthusiast, there’s no denying the positive role that a nutritious eating pattern plays in your overall performance. When fueled by a variety of nourishing foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, meat, seafood, dairy and healthful fats, your body is better able to thrive during competition, regular daily activity and beyond.

Few foods deliver the unique nutrition profile found in beef, such as protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Beef’s nutrient package provides vital fuel for the activities you love and also promotes the growth, development and restoration of your muscles and bones as you train harder and become stronger.

As a member of PA Team Beef, you’ll have the opportunity to serve as a beef advocate that shares the message of beef for strength while participating in a variety of running, cycling or obstacle-course style races across the Commonwealth.

Who are the Members of PA Team Beef?

PA Team Beef consists of 25 athletes and fitness enthusiasts from Pennsylvania. We are a diverse community of runners, triathletes, farmers, moms, dads, college students and professionals that rely upon the health benefits of lean beef to fuel our healthy and active lifestyles. Crossing the finish line in our PA Team Beef Jerseys, brings a sense of great pride and accomplishment, as well as a sense of community that pushes us to become stronger.

How Does It Work?

New members of PA Team Beef will be supplied with a Team Beef jersey to wear in the pre-approved athletic event, such as a race. You must register for each event on your own.

After the race, simply send a picture of yourself wearing the Team Beef jersey at the completion of the event to [email protected] and fill out the reimbursement form. Jerseys must be worn during the ENTIRE event.

You will be reimbursed by check for entry fees up to $100 per year. All reimbursement requests for the 2023 team season must be in by September 15, 2023. 

NOTE: We will issue two checks to each member during the fiscal year (March and September) rather than a separate check following each event.

Application Process

The next team season kicks off March 1, 2023 and will conclude September 30, 2023.

 Apply For PA Team Beef 

PA Team Beef Requirements

  1. Must be 18 years or older or have a parent/guardian on PA Team Beef.
  2. Must be a resident of Pennsylvania.
  3. Complete the PA Team Beef application.
  4. Must eat beef and be willing to advocate for the benefits of beef in an athlete’s eating pattern.
  5. Must participate in ONE live/recorded virtual cooking class to learn more about the industry, beef nutrition, cooking with beef, etc. Members of PA Team Beef Kids are encouraged to participate with their PA Team Beef member parent.
  6. Must have an active social media platform on Facebook or Instagram and be willing to publish a minimum of 2 social media posts related to beef and fueling, beef nutrition, cooking with beef for your audience. We encourage you to share post-race photos in your PA Beef Jersey too! Posts must include @PABeefCouncil tag or #PABeefCouncil and #TeamBeef. Does not apply to members of PA Team Beef Kids.
  7. Must be willing to let us include your photo and a short bio on our PA Team Beef webpage. This is optional for members of Team Beef Kids.
  8. Must participate in at least 3 pre-approved PA-based athletic events wearing your team jersey during the entire race within the race season and please let us know which ones you’re planning to participate in ahead of time!
  9. Members will have access to our PA Team Beef Squad Locker Store. (As long as the PA Team Beef logo is 'front and center' on the jersey, it counts as an approved jersey for reimbursement. We provide a PA Team Beef red tank top for free, but additional team gear is on you. When in doubt, ask!)

PA Team Beef Member Benefits

  1. A red PA Team Beef tank top jersey (that is to be worn during pre-approved in-person or virtual athletic events)
  2. Your choice of a Team Beef item from our Squad Locker Store (not to exceed $50).
  3. Support and encouragement from your fellow PA Team Beef teammates and through our new PA Team Beef Facebook page and unique team engagement opportunities.
  4. A guide of approved beef messaging so you can share the positive attributes of beef with confidence.
  5. Opportunity to engage in educational events such as webinars and virtual cooking classes to learn more about beef for strength, nutrition, how beef is raised, etc.
  6. Race entry reimbursement for pre-approved athletic events (up to $100 for the racing season) 

How to get Reimbursed

You will be reimbursed up to $100 between the team kick-off in March and the end of September 2023. We encourage you to participate in a total of three races to give PA Team Beef the greatest amount of exposure. 

Please Note: ONLY approved races that take place in PA are eligible for reimbursement.

Race Reimbursement form

Complete your race reimbursement form:

 Submit ReimbursemenT Form