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C. GRAY | April 2, 2019

Bedford – The PA Beef Council hosted two training sessions for over 100 beef producers interested in selling beef direct to consumers. During the workshops, that also included a live stream webinar, speakers addressed marketing, understanding the consumer audience and abiding by beef retail sales regulation. Alison Krebs, Director of Market Intelligence, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, opened the meetings by sharing consumer purchase trends in the Northeast region. She emphasized the importance of producers understanding their local markets.   

Matt LeRoux, Cornell Extension Marketing Specialist, brought real life examples to the trainings, educating participants about pricing structure and calculating a price that will sustain a profitable business for their farms. “The key to profitably selling beef direct to consumers is to know your own cost of production,” Matt said. “Successfully pricing and selling your product starts with your production cost.”   

To conclude the evenings, Dr. Jonathan Campbell, a Meat Extension Specialist with Penn State University, discussed the regulatory aspect of selling beef direct to market. He covered topics such as USDA inspection, how to secure appropriate permits and the importance of food safety.   

 The webinar recording of this event is available by visiting the PA Beef Council’s Beef Quality Assurance website at   

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