Tricia Adams -- Keeping Dairy Farming All in the Famiy

Kar-Dale-Acres is home to not only 1400 head of dairy cattle, but a dedicated family working together to get the job done. Tricia Adams works alongside her three brothers and parents in Shinglehouse, PA, Potter County. The operation, also known as Hoffman Farms, consists of approximately 700 dairy cows and 700 replacement heifers. Adams’ parents moved the farm from Snyder County to “God’s County” as she refers to it in 1976. They started with only 50 cows and have grown tremendously in the last 36 years.

The large operation sustains five families and everyone pitches in to help out. Adams’ own children, along with her nieces and nephews, can be seen helping out with daily chores and throughout  the summer. Tricia Adams and her husband Brady have three children; Taylor-11, Marley-8 and Natalie-5. Brady enjoys lending a hand when not working at his own construction business or whenever the farm work calls.

Adams describes the farm life as irreplaceable and loves working in the family business. She enjoys being able to bring her kids to work with her and having the opportunity to raise them on the farm. Being a part of production agriculture lets her enjoy the little things in life such as delivering calves, watching a field grow, and showing animals at fair. There is also the added bonus of having their own milk and beef for her family’s consumption!

With each day bringing new challenges; Hoffman Farms knows that not all things can be controlled. They work together to control animal health through good nutrition and routine protocols for vaccinations. Decisions are made between members of the family and their vet. With the help of good employees and hardworking family members, cows are monitored each and every day to practice prevention. She understands that a lot of little things work together to make the big picture. Adams comments “If the cattle are healthy and content, then we did our job that day.”

Adams also shares the challenges that she and other farmers may face in the future. She emphasizes the misconceptions that people form when they are too far removed from agriculture. The family works together to educate the public by providing tours of their facility to show the community of the actual happenings on a farm. Regulations and environmental issues seem to make the job even harder.

The Hoffman family tries their best to follow the outlined nutrient management plan they have established to be good environmental stewards of the land.  They have installed drip drains which help to conserve and reuse rainwater in the form of a backup watering system.
Additionally, heir manure is stored until it is able to be applied at the best time. But, through their best management practices Adams states the bottom line is to “keep producing our food in the USA and stay self sufficient.” She believes they need to stay positive with these challenges.

Adams wants people to know not to take your food for granted! “We are proud of our farm,” she notes. amdd her family strives everyday to produce a safe, high quality and affordable food source.

In addition to her busy farm life Tricia Adams sits on the PA Beef Council Board, is a 4-H leader for the 11 Mile Livestock Club, as well as an assistant coach for her daughters’ softball and basketball teams.