Phoebe Bitler - Dairy Farmer & Agriculture Advocate

Phoebe Bitler and her husband, Dave, own Vista Grande Farm, a diversified dairy farm. In addition to their cows, two young men are developing their own dairy herds, for a total of about 100 cows on the farm. Along with wholesale milk, the Bitlers frequently market freezer beef; both dairy and beef breeding stock to other farmers; and extra commodity crops of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay.

Both Phoebe and her husband grew up in the dairy industry. They were both involved in the state's 4-H program and chose dairying as a way of life and business. Their son has taken over the crop and equipment management and is now a partner in the business. They all feel very strongly that agriculture is the backbone of a society; something many take for granted.

The family looks forward to a new life—whether it is a new calf or a corn seedling. Some of their greatest work satisfaction includes seeing a two year old cow of their own breeding have superior type and also excel in milk production qualities, smelling the fresh mown alfalfa and watching as the combine augers rivers of corn grain into a truck.

Vista Grande Farm sees a future in agriculture as long as there are people, since everyone needs physical nourishment. Changes are inevitable, and technologies create more opportunities. It is their goal to continue to produce food and fiber for consumers around the world.

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