Meet Bobbi Dunn

Dunn Farms was established in 1880, with the first Herefords arriving at the Cochranton, Mercer County farm in 1943. Bill and Bobbi Dunn, along with their children Walker and Reagan, now operate the heavily Hereford influenced cow-calf operation. Bill works off of the farm with his father and brother running a blacktop paving business. Bobbi spends most of her time on the farm, working part time as a hair dresser and serving as a 4-H leader.

The primary goal of Dunn Farms is to market quality feeder calves, which are predominantly Hereford influenced. The Dunn family also devotes time to the show circuit. Walker, who is an active 4-H member, recently exhibited a bull at the National Junior Hereford Show in Kansas City, Missouri. This was his first time exhibiting a bull, after showing numerous females previous years.

“To see Walker have success with a bull that we intend to use in our own breeding program is very rewarding for us,” said Bobbi. For Bobbi, the best part of their cattle industry involvement is seeing the improvements in the Hereford breed using genetic selection. “The changes that have come along, both good and bad are very exciting.”

Dunn Farms is a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified facility and follow the management practices associated with the program very closely. “We treat our cows like good employees, with respect and dignity. We provide for them as well as we can, so that they do their job,” explained Bobbi. To keep cows healthy and productive, they follow a balanced mineral program and a strict vaccination program. Combining those two management practices keeps the cows healthy, productive and decreases conception problems.

At Dunn Farms, a considerable amount of time and resources are spent on preserving land and wooded areas. “We are good stewards of the land, because we want the farm to be here for our grandchildren,” Bobbi noted.

In addition to 4-H, Bill and Bobbi are active in the Pennsylvania Hereford Association and the Northwestern Pennsylvania Cattleman’s Association. Every year, they help with the North Western Pennsylvania Cattleman’s Association Cook-Off.