Alan Frederick

Frederick Farms Inc. is a closed family corporation located in Friends Cove, Pennsylvania, nestled in Bedford County. The family farm, operated by Alan, Kevin and Kevin's two sons, Tyler and Adam, is 1,240 contiguous acres, of which 880 are tillable. In addition to the family members, two employees are trained to provide quality care for their cows. The family’s Jersey cow dairy herd totals 740 animals, with about 390 milking cows.

The family is proud that they have closed herd; they have not purchased any female cattle since 1964. They feel that remaining a closed herd has numerous benefits, including disease prevention, which helps them produce safe milk and beef for American families each and every day.

Alan is a staunch supporter of the Dairy Animal Care Quality Assurance Program (DACQA), a program that encourages dairy farmers to use best management practices. He also thinks it’s important for dairy farmers to be active in the community since agriculture, specifically food production, is important to everyone.

Seven years ago, Alan was invited to join the Bedford County Development Association Board. He notes that without a doubt, it has been one of his most rewarding life experiences. He also is an active member of the Bedford Rotary Club. He explains that every time he leaves the farm to participate in both non-agricultural and agricultural organizations, he is selling his dairy profession either in a positive or negative light. The same is true when people drive by farms today. Alan says he always considers, “What do my neighbors think of my farm?”

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